Merge tag '6.4-rc2-ksmbd-server-fixes' of git://

Pull ksmbd server fixes from Steve French:

 - two fixes for incorrect SMB3 message validation (one for client which
   uses 8 byte padding, and one for empty bcc)

 - two fixes for out of bounds bugs: one for username offset checks (in
   session setup) and the other for create context name length checks in
   open requests

* tag '6.4-rc2-ksmbd-server-fixes' of git://
  ksmbd: smb2: Allow messages padded to 8byte boundary
  ksmbd: allocate one more byte for implied bcc[0]
  ksmbd: fix wrong UserName check in session_user
  ksmbd: fix global-out-of-bounds in smb2_find_context_vals