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Pull m ore s390 updates from Martin Schwidefsky:
 "Over 95% of the changes in this pull request are related to the zcrypt
  driver. There are five improvements for zcrypt: the ID for the CEX6
  cards is added, workload balancing and multi-domain support are
  introduced, the debug logs are overhauled and a set of tracepoints is

  Then there are several patches in regard to inline assemblies. One
  compile fix and several missing memory clobbers. As far as we can tell
  the omitted memory clobbers have not caused any breakage.

  A small change to the PCI arch code, the machine can tells us how big
  the function measurement blocks are. The PCI function measurement will
  be disabled for a device if the queried length is larger than the
  allocated size for these blocks.

  And two more patches to correct five printk messages.

  That is it for s390 in regard to the 4.10 merge window. Happy holidays"

* 'for-linus' of git:// (23 commits)
  s390/pci: query fmb length
  s390/zcrypt: add missing memory clobber to ap_qci inline assembly
  s390/extmem: add missing memory clobber to dcss_set_subcodes
  s390/nmi: fix inline assembly constraints
  s390/lib: add missing memory barriers to string inline assemblies
  s390/cpumf: fix qsi inline assembly
  s390/setup: reword printk messages
  s390/dasd: fix typos in DASD error messages
  s390: fix compile error with memmove_early() inline assembly
  s390/zcrypt: tracepoint definitions for zcrypt device driver.
  s390/zcrypt: Rework debug feature invocations.
  s390/zcrypt: Improved invalid domain response handling.
  s390/zcrypt: Fix ap_max_domain_id for older machine types
  s390/zcrypt: Correct function bits for CEX2x and CEX3x cards.
  s390/zcrypt: Fixed attrition of AP adapters and domains
  s390/zcrypt: Introduce new zcrypt device status API
  s390/zcrypt: add multi domain support
  s390/zcrypt: Introduce workload balancing
  s390/zcrypt: get rid of ap_poll_requests
  s390/zcrypt: header for the AP inline assmblies