Merge branch 'for-linus' of git://

Pull vfs updates from Al Viro:

 - more ->d_init() stuff (work.dcache)

 - pathname resolution cleanups (work.namei)

 - a few missing iov_iter primitives - copy_from_iter_full() and
   friends. Either copy the full requested amount, advance the iterator
   and return true, or fail, return false and do _not_ advance the
   iterator. Quite a few open-coded callers converted (and became more
   readable and harder to fuck up that way) (work.iov_iter)

 - several assorted patches, the big one being logfs removal

* 'for-linus' of git://
  logfs: remove from tree
  vfs: fix put_compat_statfs64() does not handle errors
  namei: fold should_follow_link() with the step into not-followed link
  namei: pass both WALK_GET and WALK_MORE to should_follow_link()
  namei: invert WALK_PUT logics
  namei: shift interpretation of LOOKUP_FOLLOW inside should_follow_link()
  namei: saner calling conventions for mountpoint_last()
  namei.c: get rid of user_path_parent()
  switch getfrag callbacks to ..._full() primitives
  make skb_add_data,{_nocache}() and skb_copy_to_page_nocache() advance only on success
  [iov_iter] new primitives - copy_from_iter_full() and friends
  don't open-code file_inode()
  ceph: switch to use of ->d_init()
  ceph: unify dentry_operations instances
  lustre: switch to use of ->d_init()