Merge tag 'edac/v4.10-1' of git://

Pull edac updates from Mauro Carvalho Chehab:
 "This contains the conversion of the EDAC uAPI documentation to ReST
  and the addition of the EDAC kAPI documentation to the driver-api

  It also splits the EDAC headers by their functions"

* tag 'edac/v4.10-1' of git://
  edac.rst: move concepts dictionary from edac.h
  edac: fix kenel-doc markups at edac.h
  edac: fix kernel-doc tags at the drivers/edac_*.h
  edac: adjust docs location at MAINTAINERS and 00-INDEX
  driver-api: create an edac.rst file with EDAC documentation
  edac: move documentation from edac_mc.c to edac_core.h
  edac: move documentation from edac_pci*.c to edac_pci.h
  edac: move documentation from edac_device to edac_core.h
  edac: rename edac_core.h to edac_mc.h
  edac: move EDAC device definitions to drivers/edac/edac_device.h
  edac: move EDAC PCI definitions to drivers/edac/edac_pci.h
  docs-rst: admin-guide: add documentation for EDAC
  edac.txt: Improve documentation, adding RAS introduction
  edac.txt: update information about newer Intel CPUs
  edac.txt: remove info that the Nehalem EDAC is experimental
  edac.txt: convert EDAC documentation to ReST
  edac.txt: add a section explaining the dimmX and rankX directories
  edac: edac_core.h: remove prototype for edac_pci_reset_delay_period()
  edac: edac_core.h: get rid of unused kobj_complete