test-many-klibcs: Disable mips 32-bit big-endian

Debian removed it from the archive, and no longer provides a
cross-compiler.  If it comes back as an unofficial port we can
enable it again.
diff --git a/test-many-klibcs b/test-many-klibcs
index 8bb8102..47a7fc5 100755
--- a/test-many-klibcs
+++ b/test-many-klibcs
@@ -235,10 +235,10 @@
 # ia64 cross-compiler is currently missing in Debian, as is QEMU support.
 #process ia64    ia64    ia64-linux-gnu          ???
 process m68k    m68k    m68k-linux-gnu          m68k
-process mips    mips    mips-linux-gnu          mips
-process mips    mips    mipsel-linux-gnu        mipsel
-# Big-endian mips64 is not supported in Debian.
+# Big-endian mips is no longer supported in Debian.
+#process mips    mips    mips-linux-gnu          mips
 #process mips64  mips    mips64-linux-gnuabi64   mips64
+process mips    mips    mipsel-linux-gnu        mipsel
 process mips64  mips    mips64el-linux-gnuabi64 mips64el
 process parisc  parisc  hppa-linux-gnu          hppa
 process ppc     powerpc powerpc-linux-gnu       ppc