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This version of dash was obtained from
It corresponds up to changeset ec2c84d3c4dba4b74440d72bdd1de416a9acd2a9.
HOWTO sync branch:
1) Generate patch and fix up their path
git format-patch --subject-prefix=klibc -N <changeset>..
Path fixup:
perl -i -pe 's#^([-+]{3} [ab]/)src/#$1#g' 00*patch
2) Import patches on by one
git am --directory="usr/dash" --exclude="usr/dash/" \
--exclude="usr/dash/ChangeLog" --exclude="usr/dash/dash.1" \
--exclude="usr/dash/" --exclude="usr/dash/mksignames.c" \
--whitespace=fix -k -i -s ../dash/000X-foo.patch
The only changes made are the addition of config.h, Kbuild usage,
the omition of Changelog and manpage and automatic whitespace fixups.
3) update config.h
Generate klibc config.h in dash repository:
automake --add-missing
./configure CC=klcc