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#include <klibc/stathelp.h>
/* This matches struct stat64 in glibc2.1, hence the absolutely
* insane amounts of padding around dev_t's.
struct stat {
__stdev64 (st_dev);
unsigned char __pad0[4];
unsigned long __st_ino;
unsigned int st_mode;
unsigned int st_nlink;
unsigned long st_uid;
unsigned long st_gid;
__stdev64 (st_rdev);
unsigned char __pad3[4];
long long st_size;
unsigned long st_blksize;
unsigned long st_blocks; /* Number 512-byte blocks allocated. */
unsigned long __pad4; /* future possible st_blocks high bits */
struct timespec st_atim;
struct timespec st_mtim;
struct timespec st_ctim;
unsigned long long st_ino;