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#include <klibc/stathelp.h>
struct stat {
__stdev64 (st_dev); /* Device */
unsigned long st_ino; /* File serial number */
unsigned int st_mode; /* File mode */
unsigned int st_nlink; /* Link count */
unsigned int st_uid; /* User ID of the file's owner */
unsigned int st_gid; /* Group ID of the file's group */
__stdev64 (st_rdev); /* Device number, if device */
unsigned long __pad1;
long st_size; /* Size of file, in bytes */
int st_blksize; /* Optimal block size for I/O */
int __pad2;
long st_blocks; /* Number 512-byte blocks allocated */
struct timespec st_atim; /* Time of last access */
struct timespec st_mtim; /* Time of last modification */
struct timespec st_ctim; /* Time of last status change */
unsigned int __unused4;
unsigned int __unused5;