Merge branch 'for-3.16' of git://

Pull cgroup updates from Tejun Heo:
 "A lot of activities on cgroup side.  Heavy restructuring including
  locking simplification took place to improve the code base and enable
  implementation of the unified hierarchy, which currently exists behind
  a __DEVEL__ mount option.  The core support is mostly complete but
  individual controllers need further work.  To explain the design and
  rationales of the the unified hierarchy


  is added.

  Another notable change is css (cgroup_subsys_state - what each
  controller uses to identify and interact with a cgroup) iteration
  update.  This is part of continuing updates on css object lifetime and
  visibility.  cgroup started with reference count draining on removal
  way back and is now reaching a point where csses behave and are
  iterated like normal refcnted objects albeit with some complexities to
  allow distinguishing the state where they're being deleted.  The css
  iteration update isn't taken advantage of yet but is planned to be
  used to simplify memcg significantly"

* 'for-3.16' of git:// (77 commits)
  cgroup: disallow disabled controllers on the default hierarchy
  cgroup: don't destroy the default root
  cgroup: disallow debug controller on the default hierarchy
  cgroup: clean up MAINTAINERS entries
  cgroup: implement css_tryget()
  device_cgroup: use css_has_online_children() instead of has_children()
  cgroup: convert cgroup_has_live_children() into css_has_online_children()
  cgroup: use CSS_ONLINE instead of CGRP_DEAD
  cgroup: iterate cgroup_subsys_states directly
  cgroup: introduce CSS_RELEASED and reduce css iteration fallback window
  cgroup: move cgroup->serial_nr into cgroup_subsys_state
  cgroup: link all cgroup_subsys_states in their sibling lists
  cgroup: move cgroup->sibling and ->children into cgroup_subsys_state
  cgroup: remove cgroup->parent
  device_cgroup: remove direct access to cgroup->children
  memcg: update memcg_has_children() to use css_next_child()
  memcg: remove tasks/children test from mem_cgroup_force_empty()
  cgroup: remove css_parent()
  cgroup: skip refcnting on normal root csses and cgrp_dfl_root self css
  cgroup: use cgroup->self.refcnt for cgroup refcnting