Merge tag 'trace-3.16' of git://

Pull tracing updates from Steven Rostedt:
 "Lots of tweaks, small fixes, optimizations, and some helper functions
  to help out the rest of the kernel to ease their use of trace events.

  The big change for this release is the allowing of other tracers, such
  as the latency tracers, to be used in the trace instances and allow
  for function or function graph tracing to be in the top level

* tag 'trace-3.16' of git:// (44 commits)
  tracing: Fix memory leak on instance deletion
  tracing: Fix leak of ring buffer data when new instances creation fails
  tracing/kprobes: Avoid self tests if tracing is disabled on boot up
  tracing: Return error if ftrace_trace_arrays list is empty
  tracing: Only calculate stats of tracepoint benchmarks for 2^32 times
  tracing: Convert stddev into u64 in tracepoint benchmark
  tracing: Introduce saved_cmdlines_size file
  tracing: Add __get_dynamic_array_len() macro for trace events
  tracing: Remove unused variable in trace_benchmark
  tracing: Eliminate double free on failure of allocation on boot up
  ftrace/x86: Call text_ip_addr() instead of the duplicated code
  tracing: Print max callstack on stacktrace bug
  tracing: Move locking of trace_cmdline_lock into start/stop seq calls
  tracing: Try again for saved cmdline if failed due to locking
  tracing: Have saved_cmdlines use the seq_read infrastructure
  tracing: Add tracepoint benchmark tracepoint
  tracing: Print nasty banner when trace_printk() is in use
  tracing: Add funcgraph_tail option to print function name after closing braces
  tracing: Eliminate duplicate TRACE_GRAPH_PRINT_xx defines
  tracing: Add __bitmask() macro to trace events to cpumasks and other bitmasks