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Pull exofs raid6 support from Boaz Harrosh:
 "These simple patches will enable raid6 using the kernel's raid6_pq
  engine for support under exofs and pnfs-objects.

  There is nothing needed to do at exofs and pnfs-obj.  Just fire your
  mkfs.exofs with --raid=6 (that was already supported before) and off
  you go as usual.  The ORE will pick up the new map and will start
  writing two devices of redundancy bits.  The patches are so simple
  because most of the ORE was already for the general raid case, only a
  few bug fixes were needed and the actual wiring into the raid6_pq

* 'for-linus' of git://
  ore: Support for raid 6
  ore: Remove redundant dev_order(), more cleanups
  ore: (trivial) reformat some code