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Texas Instruments TWL family (twl4030) reset and power management module
The power management module inside the TWL family provides several facilities
to control the power resources, including power scripts. For now, the
binding only supports the complete shutdown of the system after poweroff.
Required properties:
- compatible : must be "ti,twl4030-power"
Optional properties:
- ti,use_poweroff: With this flag, the chip will initiates an ACTIVE-to-OFF or
SLEEP-to-OFF transition when the system poweroffs.
&i2c1 {
clock-frequency = <2600000>;
twl: twl@48 {
reg = <0x48>;
interrupts = <7>; /* SYS_NIRQ cascaded to intc */
interrupt-parent = <&intc>;
twl_power: power {
compatible = "ti,twl4030-power";