MMC highlights for 3.9:

 - Support for packed commands in eMMC 4.5.  (This requires a host
   capability to be turned on.  It increases write throughput by 20%+,
   but may also increase average write latency; more testing needed.)
 - Add DT bindings for capability flags.
 - Add mmc_of_parse() for shared DT parsing between drivers.

 - android-goldfish: New MMC driver for the Android Goldfish emulator.
 - mvsdio: Add DT bindings, pinctrl, use slot-gpio for card detection.
 - omap_hsmmc: Fix boot hangs with RPMB partitions.
 - sdhci-bcm2835: New driver for controller used by Raspberry Pi.
 - sdhci-esdhc-imx: Add 8-bit data, auto CMD23 support, use slot-gpio.
 - sh_mmcif: Add support for eMMC DDR, bundled MMCIF IRQs.
 - tmio_mmc: Add DT bindings, support for vccq regulator.
mmc: tegra: assume CONFIG_OF, remove platform data

Tegra only supports, and always enables, device tree. Remove all ifdefs
and runtime checks for DT support from the driver. Platform data is
therefore no longer required. Rework the driver to parse the device tree
directly into struct sdhci_tegra.

Signed-off-by: Stephen Warren <>
Signed-off-by: Chris Ball <>
2 files changed