Merge branch 'clk-parent-rewrite-1' into clk-next

 - Rewrite how clk parents can be specified to be DT/clkdev based instead
   of just string based

* clk-parent-rewrite-1:
  clk: Cache core in clk_fetch_parent_index() without names
  clk: fixed-factor: Initialize clk_init_data on stack
  clk: fixed-factor: Let clk framework find parent
  clk: Allow parents to be specified via clkspec index
  clk: Look for parents with clkdev based clk_lookups
  clk: Allow parents to be specified without string names
  clk: Add of_clk_hw_register() API for early clk drivers
  driver core: Let dev_of_node() accept a NULL dev
  clk: Prepare for clk registration API that uses DT nodes
  clkdev: Move clk creation outside of 'clocks_mutex'