arm64: mte: Document the core dump file format

Add the program header definition and data layout for the

Signed-off-by: Catalin Marinas <>
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 Documentation/arm64/tagged-address-abi.rst and above. The corresponding
 ``regset`` is 1 element of 8 bytes (``sizeof(long))``).
+Core dump support
+The allocation tags for user memory mapped with ``PROT_MTE`` are dumped
+in the core file as additional ``PT_ARM_MEMTAG_MTE`` segments. The
+program header for such segment is defined as:
+:``p_type``: ``PT_ARM_MEMTAG_MTE``
+:``p_flags``: 0
+:``p_offset``: segment file offset
+:``p_vaddr``: segment virtual address, same as the corresponding
+  ``PT_LOAD`` segment
+:``p_paddr``: 0
+:``p_filesz``: segment size in file, calculated as ``p_mem_sz / 16 / 2``
+:``p_memsz``: segment size in memory, same as the corresponding
+  ``PT_LOAD`` segment
+:``p_align``: 0
+The tags are stored in the core file at ``p_offset`` as two 4-bit tags
+in a byte. With the tag granule of 16 bytes, a 4K page requires 128
+bytes in the core file.
 Example of correct usage