Merge tag 'acpi-extra-4.13-rc1' of git://

Pull more ACPI updates from Rafael Wysocki:
 "These fix the ACPI SPCR table handling and add a workaround for APM
  X-Gene 8250 UART on top of that, fix two ACPI hotplug issues related
  to hot-remove failures, add a missing "static" to one function and
  constify some attribute_group structures.


   - Fix the ACPI code handling the SPCR table to check access width of
     MMIO regions and add a workaround for APM X-Gene 8250 UART to use
     32-bit MMIO accesses with its register (Loc Ho).

   - Fix two ACPI-based hotplug issues related to the handling of
     hot-remove failures on the OS side (Chun-Yi Lee).

   - Constify attribute_group structures in a few places (Arvind Yadav).

   - Make one local function static (Colin Ian King)"

* tag 'acpi-extra-4.13-rc1' of git://
  ACPI / DPTF: constify attribute_group structures
  ACPI / LPSS: constify attribute_group structures
  ACPI: BGRT: constify attribute_group structures
  ACPI / power: constify attribute_group structures
  ACPI / scan: Indicate to platform when hot remove returns busy
  ACPI / bus: handle ACPI hotplug schedule errors completely
  ACPI / osi: Make local function acpi_osi_dmi_linux() static
  ACPI: SPCR: Workaround for APM X-Gene 8250 UART 32-alignment errata
  ACPI: SPCR: Use access width to determine mmio usage