Merge tag 'devprop-4.13-rc1' of git://

Pull device properties framework updates from Rafael Wysocki:
 "These mostly rearrange the device properties core code and add a few
  helper functions to it as a foundation for future work.


   - Rearrange the core device properties code by moving the code
     specific to each supported platform configuration framework (ACPI,
     DT and build-in) into a separate file (Sakari Ailus).

   - Add helper functions for accessing device properties in a
     firmware-agnostic way (Sakari Ailus, Kieran Bingham)"

* tag 'devprop-4.13-rc1' of git://
  device property: Add fwnode_graph_get_port_parent
  device property: Add FW type agnostic fwnode_graph_get_remote_node
  device property: Introduce fwnode_device_is_available()
  device property: Move fwnode graph ops to firmware specific locations
  device property: Move FW type specific functionality to FW specific files
  ACPI: Constify argument to acpi_device_is_present()