Merge tag 'media/v4.2-3' of git://

Pull media fixes from Mauro Carvalho Chehab:

 - a regression fix at the videobuf2 core driver

 - fix error handling at mantis probing code

 - revert the IR encode patches, as the API is not mature enough.
   So, better to postpone the changes to a latter Kernel

 - fix Kconfig breakages on some randconfig scenarios.

* tag 'media/v4.2-3' of git://
  [media] mantis: Fix error handling in mantis_dma_init()
  Revert "[media] rc: rc-ir-raw: Add scancode encoder callback"
  Revert "[media] rc: rc-ir-raw: Add Manchester encoder (phase encoder) helper"
  Revert "[media] rc: ir-rc5-decoder: Add encode capability"
  Revert "[media] rc: ir-rc6-decoder: Add encode capability"
  Revert "[media] rc: rc-core: Add support for encode_wakeup drivers"
  Revert "[media] rc: rc-loopback: Add loopback of filter scancodes"
  Revert "[media] rc: nuvoton-cir: Add support for writing wakeup samples via sysfs filter callback"
  [media] vb2: Fix compilation breakage when !CONFIG_BUG
  [media] vb2: Only requeue buffers immediately once streaming is started
  [media] media/pci/cobalt: fix Kconfig and build when SND is not enabled
  [media] media/dvb: fix ts2020.c Kconfig and build