Merge git://

Pull SCSI target fixes from Nicholas Bellinger:
 "This contains a v4.2-rc specific RCU module unload regression bug-fix,
  a long-standing iscsi-target bug-fix for duplicate target_xfer_tags
  during NOP processing from Alexei, and two more small REPORT_LUNs
  emulation related patches to make Solaris FC host LUN scanning happy
  from Roland.

  There is also one patch not included that allows target-core to limit
  the number of fabric driver SGLs per I/O request using residuals, that
  is currently required as a work-around for FC hosts which don't honor
  EVPD block-limits settings.  At this point, it will most likely become
  for-next material"

* git://
  target: Fix handling of small allocation lengths in REPORT LUNS
  target: REPORT LUNS should return LUN 0 even for dynamic ACLs
  target/iscsi: Fix double free of a TUR followed by a solicited NOPOUT
  target: Perform RCU callback barrier before backend/fabric unload