Merge branch 'libnvdimm-fixes' of git://

Pull nvdimm fixlet from Dan Williams:
 "This is a libnvdimm ABI fixup.

  I pushed back on this change quite hard given the late date, that it
  appears to be purely cosmetic, sysfs is not necessarily meant to be a
  user friendly UI, and the kernel interprets the reversed polarity of
  the ACPI_NFIT_MEM_ARMED flag correctly.  When this flag is set, the
  energy source of an NVDIMM is not armed and any new writes to the DIMM
  may not be preserved.

  However, Bob Moore warned me that it is important to get these things
  named correctly wherever they appear otherwise we run the risk of a
  less than cautious firmware engineer implementing the polarity the
  wrong way.  Once a mistake like that escapes into production platforms
  the flag becomes useless and we need to move to a new bit position.

  Bob has agreed to take a change through ACPICA to rename
  from Toshi brings the sysfs representation of these flags in line with
  their respective polarities.

  Please pull for 4.2 as this is the first kernel to expose the ACPI
  NFIT sysfs representation, and this is likely a kernel that firmware
  developers will be using for checking out their NVDIMM enabling"

* 'libnvdimm-fixes' of git://
  nfit: Clarify memory device state flags strings