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* Copied from the Linux kernel sources, and also moving code
* out from tools/perf/perf-sys.h so as to make it be located
* in a place similar as in the kernel sources.
* Force strict CPU ordering.
* And yes, this is required on UP too when we're talking
* to devices.
#if defined(__i386__)
* Some non-Intel clones support out of order store. wmb() ceases to be a
* nop for these.
#define mb() asm volatile("lock; addl $0,0(%%esp)" ::: "memory")
#define rmb() asm volatile("lock; addl $0,0(%%esp)" ::: "memory")
#define wmb() asm volatile("lock; addl $0,0(%%esp)" ::: "memory")
#elif defined(__x86_64__)
#define mb() asm volatile("mfence":::"memory")
#define rmb() asm volatile("lfence":::"memory")
#define wmb() asm volatile("sfence" ::: "memory")