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Pull crypto fixes from Herbert Xu:
 "This fixes the following issues:

   - a regression caused by the conversion of IPsec ESP to the new AEAD
     interface: ESN with authencesn no longer works because it relied on
     the AD input SG list having a specific layout which is no longer
     the case.  In linux-next authencesn is fixed properly and no longer
     assumes anything about the SG list format.  While for this release
     a minimal fix is applied to authencesn so that it works with the
     new linear layout.

   - fix memory corruption caused by bogus index in the caam hash code.

   - fix powerpc nx SHA hashing which could cause module load failures
     if module signature verification is enabled"

* git://
  crypto: caam - fix memory corruption in ahash_final_ctx
  crypto: nx - respect sg limit bounds when building sg lists for SHA
  crypto: authencesn - Fix breakage with new ESP code