Merge commit 'v3.7-rc1' into stable/for-linus-3.7

* commit 'v3.7-rc1': (10892 commits)
  Linux 3.7-rc1
  x86, boot: Explicitly include autoconf.h for hostprogs
  perf: Fix UAPI fallout
  ARM: config: make sure that platforms are ordered by option string
  ARM: config: sort select statements alphanumerically
  UAPI: (Scripted) Disintegrate include/linux/byteorder
  UAPI: (Scripted) Disintegrate include/linux
  UAPI: Unexport linux/blk_types.h
  UAPI: Unexport part of linux/ppp-comp.h
  perf: Handle new rbtree implementation
  procfs: don't need a PATH_MAX allocation to hold a string representation of an int
  vfs: embed struct filename inside of names_cache allocation if possible
  audit: make audit_inode take struct filename
  vfs: make path_openat take a struct filename pointer
  vfs: turn do_path_lookup into wrapper around struct filename variant
  audit: allow audit code to satisfy getname requests from its names_list
  vfs: define struct filename and have getname() return it
  btrfs: Fix compilation with user namespace support enabled
  userns: Fix posix_acl_file_xattr_userns gid conversion
  userns: Properly print bluetooth socket uids