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* arch/xtensa/kernel/head.S
* Xtensa Processor startup code.
* This file is subject to the terms and conditions of the GNU General Public
* License. See the file "COPYING" in the main directory of this archive
* for more details.
* Copyright (C) 2001 - 2005 Tensilica Inc.
* Chris Zankel <>
* Marc Gauthier <,>
* Joe Taylor <,>
* Kevin Chea
#include <asm/processor.h>
#include <asm/page.h>
#include <asm/cacheasm.h>
#include <linux/init.h>
#include <linux/linkage.h>
* This module contains the entry code for kernel images. It performs the
* minimal setup needed to call the generic C routines.
* Prerequisites:
* - The kernel image has been loaded to the actual address where it was
* compiled to.
* - a2 contains either 0 or a pointer to a list of boot parameters.
* (see setup.c for more details)
* _start
* The bootloader passes a pointer to a list of boot parameters in a2.
/* The first bytes of the kernel image must be an instruction, so we
* manually allocate and define the literal constant we need for a jx
* instruction.
.globl _start
_start: _j 2f
.align 4
1: .word _startup
2: l32r a0, 1b
jx a0
.section .init.text, "ax"
.align 4
/* Disable interrupts and exceptions. */
movi a0, LOCKLEVEL
wsr a0, ps
/* Preserve the pointer to the boot parameter list in EXCSAVE_1 */
wsr a2, excsave1
/* Start with a fresh windowbase and windowstart. */
movi a1, 1
movi a0, 0
wsr a1, windowstart
wsr a0, windowbase
/* Set a0 to 0 for the remaining initialization. */
movi a0, 0
/* Clear debugging registers. */
wsr a0, ibreakenable
wsr a0, icount
movi a1, 15
wsr a0, icountlevel
.set _index, 0
wsr a0, SREG_DBREAKC + _index
.set _index, _index + 1
/* Clear CCOUNT (not really necessary, but nice) */
wsr a0, ccount # not really necessary, but nice
/* Disable zero-loops. */
wsr a0, lcount
/* Disable all timers. */
.set _index, 0
wsr a0, SREG_CCOMPARE + _index
.set _index, _index + 1
/* Interrupt initialization. */
wsr a0, intenable
wsr a2, intclear
/* Disable coprocessors. */
#if XCHAL_CP_NUM > 0
wsr a0, cpenable
/* Set PS.INTLEVEL=1, PS.WOE=0, kernel stack, PS.EXCM=0
* Note: PS.EXCM must be cleared before using any loop
* instructions; otherwise, they are silently disabled, and
* at most one iteration of the loop is executed.
movi a1, 1
wsr a1, ps
/* Initialize the caches.
* a2, a3 are just working registers (clobbered).
___unlock_dcache_all a2 a3
___unlock_icache_all a2 a3
___invalidate_dcache_all a2 a3
___invalidate_icache_all a2 a3
/* Unpack data sections
* The linker script used to build the Linux kernel image
* creates a table located at __boot_reloc_table_start
* that contans the information what data needs to be unpacked.
* Uses a2-a7.
movi a2, __boot_reloc_table_start
movi a3, __boot_reloc_table_end
1: beq a2, a3, 3f # no more entries?
l32i a4, a2, 0 # start destination (in RAM)
l32i a5, a2, 4 # end desination (in RAM)
l32i a6, a2, 8 # start source (in ROM)
addi a2, a2, 12 # next entry
beq a4, a5, 1b # skip, empty entry
beq a4, a6, 1b # skip, source and dest. are the same
2: l32i a7, a6, 0 # load word
addi a6, a6, 4
s32i a7, a4, 0 # store word
addi a4, a4, 4
bltu a4, a5, 2b
j 1b
/* All code and initialized data segments have been copied.
* Now clear the BSS segment.
movi a2, __bss_start # start of BSS
movi a3, __bss_stop # end of BSS
__loopt a2, a3, a4, 2
s32i a0, a2, 0
__endla a2, a4, 4
/* After unpacking, flush the writeback cache to memory so the
* instructions/data are available.
___flush_dcache_all a2 a3
/* Setup stack and enable window exceptions (keep irqs disabled) */
movi a1, init_thread_union
addi a1, a1, KERNEL_STACK_SIZE
movi a2, 0x00040001 # WOE=1, INTLEVEL=1, UM=0
wsr a2, ps # (enable reg-windows; progmode stack)
/* Set up EXCSAVE[DEBUGLEVEL] to point to the Debug Exception Handler.*/
movi a2, debug_exception
/* Set up EXCSAVE[1] to point to the exc_table. */
movi a6, exc_table
xsr a6, excsave1
/* init_arch kick-starts the linux kernel */
movi a4, init_arch
callx4 a4
movi a4, start_kernel
callx4 a4
j should_never_return
* BSS section
.fill PAGE_SIZE, 1, 0
.fill PAGE_SIZE, 1, 0