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Pull networking fixes from David Miller:

 1) OpenVswitch's lookup_datapath() returns error pointers, so don't
    check against NULL.  From Jiri Pirko.

 2) pfkey_compile_policy() code path tries to do a GFP_KERNEL allocation
    under RCU locks, fix by using GFP_ATOMIC when necessary.  From
    Nikolay Aleksandrov.

 3) phy_suspend() indirectly passes uninitialized data into the ethtool
    get wake-on-land implementations.  Fix from Sebastian Hesselbarth.

 4) CPSW driver unregisters CPTS twice, fix from Benedikt Spranger.

 5) If SKB allocation of reply packet fails, vxlan's arp_reduce() defers
    a NULL pointer.  Fix from David Stevens.

 6) IPV6 neigh handling in vxlan doesn't validate the destination
    address properly, and it builds a packet with the src and dst
    reversed.  Fix also from David Stevens.

 7) Fix spinlock recursion during subscription failures in TIPC stack,
    from Erik Hugne.

 8) Revert buggy conversion of davinci_emac to devm_request_irq, from
    Chrstian Riesch.

 9) Wrong flags passed into forwarding database netlink notifications,
    from Nicolas Dichtel.

10) The netpoll neighbour soliciation handler checks wrong ethertype,
    needs to be ETH_P_IPV6 rather than ETH_P_ARP.  Fix from Li RongQing.

* git:// (34 commits)
  tipc: fix spinlock recursion bug for failed subscriptions
  vxlan: fix nonfunctional neigh_reduce()
  net: davinci_emac: Fix rollback of emac_dev_open()
  net: davinci_emac: Replace devm_request_irq with request_irq
  netpoll: fix the skb check in pkt_is_ns
  net: micrel : ks8851-ml: add vdd-supply support
  ip6mr: fix mfc notification flags
  ipmr: fix mfc notification flags
  rtnetlink: fix fdb notification flags
  tcp: syncookies: do not use getnstimeofday()
  netlink: fix setsockopt in mmap examples in documentation
  openvswitch: Correctly report flow used times for first 5 minutes after boot.
  via-rhine: Disable device in error path
  ATHEROS-ATL1E: Convert iounmap to pci_iounmap
  vxlan: fix potential NULL dereference in arp_reduce()
  cnic: Update version to 2.5.20 and copyright year.
  cnic,bnx2i,bnx2fc: Fix inconsistent use of page size
  cnic: Use proper ulp_ops for per device operations.
  net: cdc_ncm: fix control message ordering
  ipv6: ip6_append_data_mtu do not handle the mtu of the second fragment properly