Merge tag 'arm64-fixes' of git://

Pull arm64 fixes from Catalin Marinas:
 "These are mostly arm64 fixes with an additional arm(64) platform fix
  for the initialisation of vexpress clocks (the latter only affecting
  arm64; the arch/arm64 code is SoC agnostic and does not rely on early
  SoC-specific calls)

   - vexpress platform clocks initialisation moved earlier following the
     arm64 move of of_clk_init() call in a previous commit
   - Default DMA ops changed to non-coherent to preserve compatibility
     with 32-bit ARM DT files.  The "dma-coherent" property can be used
     to explicitly mark a device coherent.  The Applied Micro DT file
     has been updated to avoid DMA cache maintenance for the X-Gene SATA
     controller (the only arm64 related driver with such assumption in
     -rc mainline)
   - Fixmap correction for earlyprintk
   - kern_addr_valid() fix for huge pages"

* tag 'arm64-fixes' of git://
  vexpress: Initialise the sysregs before setting up the clocks
  arm64: Mark the Applied Micro X-Gene SATA controller as DMA coherent
  arm64: Use bus notifiers to set per-device coherent DMA ops
  arm64: Make default dma_ops to be noncoherent
  arm64: fixmap: fix missing sub-page offset for earlyprintk
  arm64: Fix for the arm64 kern_addr_valid() function