kgdb patches for 5.16

A single patch this cycle. We replace some open-coded routines to
classify task states with the scheduler's own function to do this.
Alongside the obvious benefits of removing funky code and aligning
more exactly with the scheduler's task classification, this also
fixes a long standing compiler warning by removing the open-coded
routines that generated the warning.

Signed-off-by: Daniel Thompson <>
kdb: Adopt scheduler's task classification

Currently kdb contains some open-coded routines to generate a summary
character for each task. This code currently issues warnings, is
almost certainly broken and won't make sense to any kernel dev who
has ever used /proc to examine task states.

Fix both the warning and the potential for confusion by adopting the
scheduler's task classification. Whilst doing this we also simplify the
filtering by using mask strings directly (which means we don't have to
guess all the characters the scheduler might give us).

Unfortunately we can't quite match the scheduler classification completely.
We add four extra states: - for idle loops and i, m and s for sleeping
system daemons (which means kthreads in one of the I, M and S states).
These extra states are used to manage the filters for tools to make the
output of ps and bta less noisy.

Note: The Fixes below is the last point the original dubious code was
      moved; it was not introduced by that patch. However it gives us
      the last point to which this patch can be easily backported.
      Happily that should be enough to cover the introduction of

Fixes: 2f064a59a11f ("sched: Change task_struct::state")
Reviewed-by: Douglas Anderson <>
Signed-off-by: Daniel Thompson <>
4 files changed