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Pablo Neira Ayuso says:

Netfilter fixes for net

The following patchset contains Netfilter fixes for net:

1) Disable BH while holding list spinlock in nf_conncount, from
   Taehee Yoo.

2) List corruption in nf_conncount, also from Taehee.

3) Fix race that results in leaving around an empty list node in
   nf_conncount, from Taehee Yoo.

4) Proper chain handling for inactive chains from the commit path,
   from Florian Westphal. This includes a selftest for this.

5) Do duplicate rule handles when replacing rules, also from Florian.

6) Remove net_exit path in xt_RATEEST that results in splat, from Taehee.

7) Possible use-after-free in nft_compat when releasing extensions.
   From Florian.

8) Memory leak in xt_hashlimit, from Taehee.

9) Call ip_vs_dst_notifier after ipv6_dev_notf, from Xin Long.

10) Fix cttimeout with udplite and gre, from Florian.

11) Preserve oif for IPv6 link-local generated traffic from mangle
    table, from Alin Nastac.

12) Missing error handling in masquerade notifiers, from Taehee Yoo.

13) Use mutex to protect registration/unregistration of masquerade
    extensions in order to prevent a race, from Taehee.

14) Incorrect condition check in tree_nodes_free(), also from Taehee.

15) Fix chain counter leak in rule replacement path, from Taehee.

Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>