Merge tag 'pwm/for-4.3-rc1' of git://

Pull pwm updates from Thierry Reding:
 "This set of changes introduces the beginnings of a new API that's
  based around the concept of states that can be atomically applied.
  Drivers go to various lengths to implement something similar, which
  indicates that the core should really be providing the necessary

  On top of that, there is a bit of cleanup as well as improved
  kerneldoc and integration into the device-drivers DocBook.

  Regarding drivers there is a new one for the NXP LPC18xx family of
  SoCs and a couple of fixes for existing drivers (pca9685, Broadcom
  Kona and Atmel HLCDC)"

* tag 'pwm/for-4.3-rc1' of git://
  ARM: at91: pwm: atmel-hlcdc: Add at91sam9n12 errata
  pwm: Add NXP LPC18xx PWM/SCT DT binding documentation
  pwm: NXP LPC18xx PWM/SCT driver
  pwm-pca9685: Support changing the output frequency
  pwm-pca9685: Fix several driver bugs
  pwm: kona: Modify settings application sequence
  pwm: pca9685: Drop owner assignment
  pwm: Add to device-drivers documentation
  pwm: Clean up kerneldoc
  pwm: Remove useless whitespace
  pwm: sysfs: Remove unnecessary padding
  pwm: sysfs: Properly convert from enum to string
  pwm: Make use of pwm_get_xxx() helpers where appropriate
  pwm: Add pwm_get_polarity() helper function
  pwm: Constify PWM device where possible
  pwm: Add the pwm_is_enabled() helper