Merge tag 'regmap-v4.3' of git://

Pull regmap updates from Mark Brown:
 "This has been a busy release for regmap.

  By far the biggest set of changes here are those from Markus Pargmann
  which implement support for block transfers in smbus devices.  This
  required quite a bit of refactoring but leaves us better able to
  handle odd restrictions that controllers may have and with better
  performance on smbus.

  Other new features include:

   - Fix interactions with lockdep for nested regmaps (eg, when a device
     using regmap is connected to a bus where the bus controller has a
     separate regmap).  Lockdep's default class identification is too
     crude to work without help.

   - Support for must write bitfield operations, useful for operations
     which require writing a bit to trigger them from Kuniori Morimoto.

   - Support for delaying during register patch application from Nariman

   - Support for overriding cache state via the debugfs implementation
     from Richard Fitzgerald"

* tag 'regmap-v4.3' of git:// (25 commits)
  regmap: fix a NULL pointer dereference in __regmap_init
  regmap: Support bulk reads for devices without raw formatting
  regmap-i2c: Add smbus i2c block support
  regmap: Add raw_write/read checks for max_raw_write/read sizes
  regmap: regmap max_raw_read/write getter functions
  regmap: Introduce max_raw_read/write for regmap_bulk_read/write
  regmap: Add missing comments about struct regmap_bus
  regmap: No multi_write support if bus->write does not exist
  regmap: Split use_single_rw internally into use_single_read/write
  regmap: Fix regmap_bulk_write for bus writes
  regmap: regmap_raw_read return error on !bus->read
  regulator: core: Print at debug level on debugfs creation failure
  regmap: Fix regmap_can_raw_write check
  regmap: fix typos in regmap.c
  regmap: Fix integertypes for register address and value
  regmap: Move documentation to regmap.h
  regmap: Use different lockdep class for each regmap init call
  thermal: sti: Add parentheses around bridge->ops->regmap_init call
  mfd: vexpress: Add parentheses around bridge->ops->regmap_init call
  regmap: debugfs: Fix misuse of IS_ENABLED