Merge tag 'fbdev-4.3' of git://

Pull fbdev updates from Tomi Valkeinen:
 "Minor fixes and cleanups"

* tag 'fbdev-4.3' of git://
  video: fbdev: atmel_lcdfb: remove useless include
  video: fbdev: pxa168fb: Use devm_clk_get
  fbdev: ssd1307fb: fix error return code
  fbdev: fix snprintf() limit in show_bl_curve()
  video: fbdev: s3c-fb: Constify platform_device_id
  video: fbdev: atmel: fix warning for const return value
  video: fbdev: Drop owner assignment from platform_driver
  video: fbdev: Drop owner assignment from i2c_driver
  fbdev: remove unnecessary memset in vfb
  framebuffer: disable vgacon on microblaze arch
  fbdev: udlfb: remove unneeded initialization in few places
  fbdev: Allow compile test of GPIO consumers if !GPIOLIB
  fbdev: fix cea_modes array size