Merge tag 'arc-4.20-rc6' of git://

Pull ARC fixes/updates from Vineet Gupta

 - Missing reads{x}()/writes{x}() getting in the way of some drivers [Jose Abreu]

 - Builds defaulting to ARCv2 ISA based configsa [Kevin Hilman]

 - Misc fixes

* tag 'arc-4.20-rc6' of git://
  ARC: io.h: Implement reads{x}()/writes{x}()
  ARC: change defconfig defaults to ARCv2
  arc: [devboards] Add support of NFSv3 ACL
  ARC: mm: fix uninitialised signal code in do_page_fault
  ARC: [plat-hsdk] Enable DW APB GPIO support
  ARCv2: boot log unaligned access in use
  ARC: IOC: panic if kernel was started with previously enabled IOC
  ARC: remove redundant 'default n' from Kconfig