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  1. e20bd60 net: usb: asix88179_178a: Add support for the Belkin B2B128 by Andrew F. Davis · 3 days ago master
  2. 85688d9 fsl/fman: add dependency on HAS_DMA by Madalin Bucur · 3 days ago
  3. 6f64ec7 net: prevent sign extension in dev_get_stats() by Eric Dumazet · 2 days ago
  4. d747a7a tcp: reset sk_rx_dst in tcp_disconnect() by WANG Cong · 4 days ago
  5. 85cb73f net: ipv6: reset daddr and dport in sk if connect() fails by Wei Wang · 6 days ago
  6. d0c32a1 bnx2x: Don't log mc removal needlessly by Mintz, Yuval · 5 days ago
  7. 92cc8a5 Merge branch 'bnxt_en-fixes' by David S. Miller · 6 days ago
  8. 2270bc5 bnxt_en: Fix netpoll handling. by Michael Chan · 6 days ago
  9. 69c149e bnxt_en: Add missing logic to handle TPA end error conditions. by Michael Chan · 6 days ago
  10. db9d8b2 net: dp83640: Avoid NULL pointer dereference. by Richard Cochran · 6 days ago
  11. 43b786c Merge branch 'master' of git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/klassert/ipsec by David S. Miller · 6 days ago
  12. 0ccc22f sit: use __GFP_NOWARN for user controlled allocation by WANG Cong · 7 days ago
  13. a5cb659 net: account for current skb length when deciding about UFO by Michal Kubeček · 10 days ago
  14. bb53f4d sfc: Fix MCDI command size for filter operations by Martin Habets · 7 days ago
  15. b92b7d3 netvsc: don't access netdev->num_rx_queues directly by Arnd Bergmann · 8 days ago
  16. 60abc0b ipv6: avoid unregistering inet6_dev for loopback by WANG Cong · 8 days ago
  17. 8c4354e Merge branch 'macvlan-Fix-some-issues-with-changing-mac-addresses' by David S. Miller · 7 days ago
  18. 18c8c54 macvlan: Let passthru macvlan correctly restore lower mac address by Vlad Yasevich · 8 days ago
  19. 43c2d57 macvlan: convert port passthru to flags. by Vlad Yasevich · 8 days ago
  20. e696cda macvlan: Fix passthru macvlan mac address inheritance by Vlad Yasevich · 8 days ago