Merge branch 'tilo'

Aaro Koskinen says:

SILO/TILO/sun4u: support TFTP booting modern kernels

Linux 3.13 exposes some limitations on old UltraSPARCs where the PROM
maps only 10 MB - the standard kernel TFTP boot no longer works very
well... See e-mail thread <>.

This patch set makes some improvements to TILO to help on that. Basically
it enables to boot a compressed kernel from dynamically allocated
space. I'm now able to tftpboot a bloaty 3.13-rc5 + initramfs on Sun
Ultra 5/10 with an image created by tilo.

The patch set also allows to cross-compile and run tilo e.g. on x86.

Signed-off-by: David S. Miller <>