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(Trivial Image LOader)
Jan Vondrak (C) 1998
Ben Collins (C) 2001
This is a tool for building a simple TFTP boot loader which embodies
several kernel images for different Sun architectures and a ramdisk root
image. To minimize memory usage, the images are gzipped. After starting
the boot loader, the architecture is detected, the appropriate kernel is
unpacked and then the booting procedure is launched.
How to build the boot image:
1. Prepare a kernel image for each supported architecture (in the ELF
format, uncompressed). Currently TILO expects atleast one sun4u or
sun4cdm kernel. You can only supply one of each kind. It will be
possible to add Sun4 support in the future as well.
2. Prepare a root image for the initial ramdisk. It can be compressed, or
raw. Tilo will compress it if needed.
3. Run the "tilo" script with the following parameters:
tilo [ -o output ] <kernel images> <root image>
A boot image will be created which contains everything necessary to boot on
each architecture.
This code can be used and distributed freely under the GNU General Public
License (see COPYING).
Please address any comments or bug reports to: