MSM clock updates for 3.11.

Per Stephen Boyd's coverletter:

This patchset moves the existing MSM clock code and affected drivers
to the common clock framework. A prerequisite of moving to the common
clock framework is to use clk_prepare() and clk_enable() so the first
few patches migrate drivers to that call (clk_prepare() is a no-op on
MSM right now). It also removes some custom clock APIs that MSM
provides and finally moves the proc_comm clock code to the common
struct clk.

This patch series will be used as the foundation of the MSM 8660/8960
clock code that I plan to send out after this series.
ARM: msm: Migrate to common clock framework

Move the existing clock code in mach-msm to the common clock
framework. We lose our capability to set the rate of and enable a
clock through debugfs. This is ok though because the debugfs
features are mainly used for testing and development of new clock

To maintain compatibility with the original MSM clock code we
make a wrapper for clk_reset() that calls the struct msm_clk
specific reset function. This is necessary for the usb and sdcc
devices on MSM until a better suited API is made available.

Cc: Saravana Kannan <>
Cc: Mike Turquette <>
Signed-off-by: Stephen Boyd <>
Acked-by: Mike Turquette <>
Signed-off-by: David Brown <>
10 files changed