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* bfin_sport - Analog Devices BF6XX SPORT registers
* Copyright (c) 2012 Analog Devices Inc.
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
* published by the Free Software Foundation.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
* but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
* GNU General Public License for more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
* along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
* Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
#ifndef _BFIN_SPORT3_H_
#define _BFIN_SPORT3_H_
#include <linux/types.h>
#define SPORT_CTL_SPENPRI 0x00000001 /* Enable Primary Channel */
#define SPORT_CTL_DTYPE 0x00000006 /* Data type select */
#define SPORT_CTL_RJUSTIFY_ZFILL 0x00000000 /* DTYPE: MCM mode: Right-justify, zero-fill unused MSBs */
#define SPORT_CTL_RJUSTIFY_SFILL 0x00000002 /* DTYPE: MCM mode: Right-justify, sign-extend unused MSBs */
#define SPORT_CTL_USE_U_LAW 0x00000004 /* DTYPE: MCM mode: Compand using u-law */
#define SPORT_CTL_USE_A_LAW 0x00000006 /* DTYPE: MCM mode: Compand using A-law */
#define SPORT_CTL_LSBF 0x00000008 /* Serial bit endian select */
#define SPORT_CTL_SLEN 0x000001F0 /* Serial Word length select */
#define SPORT_CTL_PACK 0x00000200 /* 16-bit to 32-bit packing enable */
#define SPORT_CTL_ICLK 0x00000400 /* Internal Clock Select */
#define SPORT_CTL_OPMODE 0x00000800 /* Operation mode */
#define SPORT_CTL_CKRE 0x00001000 /* Clock rising edge select */
#define SPORT_CTL_FSR 0x00002000 /* Frame Sync required */
#define SPORT_CTL_IFS 0x00004000 /* Internal Frame Sync select */
#define SPORT_CTL_DIFS 0x00008000 /* Data-independent frame sync select */
#define SPORT_CTL_LFS 0x00010000 /* Active low frame sync select */
#define SPORT_CTL_LAFS 0x00020000 /* Late Transmit frame select */
#define SPORT_CTL_RJUST 0x00040000 /* Right Justified mode select */
#define SPORT_CTL_FSED 0x00080000 /* External frame sync edge select */
#define SPORT_CTL_TFIEN 0x00100000 /* Transmit finish interrupt enable select */
#define SPORT_CTL_GCLKEN 0x00200000 /* Gated clock mode select */
#define SPORT_CTL_SPENSEC 0x01000000 /* Enable secondary channel */
#define SPORT_CTL_SPTRAN 0x02000000 /* Data direction control */
#define SPORT_CTL_DERRSEC 0x04000000 /* Secondary channel error status */
#define SPORT_CTL_DXSSEC 0x18000000 /* Secondary channel data buffer status */
#define SPORT_CTL_SEC_EMPTY 0x00000000 /* DXSSEC: Empty */
#define SPORT_CTL_SEC_PART_FULL 0x10000000 /* DXSSEC: Partially full */
#define SPORT_CTL_SEC_FULL 0x18000000 /* DXSSEC: Full */
#define SPORT_CTL_DERRPRI 0x20000000 /* Primary channel error status */
#define SPORT_CTL_DXSPRI 0xC0000000 /* Primary channel data buffer status */
#define SPORT_CTL_PRM_EMPTY 0x00000000 /* DXSPRI: Empty */
#define SPORT_CTL_PRM_PART_FULL 0x80000000 /* DXSPRI: Partially full */
#define SPORT_CTL_PRM_FULL 0xC0000000 /* DXSPRI: Full */
#define SPORT_DIV_CLKDIV 0x0000FFFF /* Clock divisor */
#define SPORT_DIV_FSDIV 0xFFFF0000 /* Frame sync divisor */
#define SPORT_MCTL_MCE 0x00000001 /* Multichannel enable */
#define SPORT_MCTL_MCPDE 0x00000004 /* Multichannel data packing select */
#define SPORT_MCTL_MFD 0x000000F0 /* Multichannel frame delay */
#define SPORT_MCTL_WSIZE 0x00007F00 /* Number of multichannel slots */
#define SPORT_MCTL_WOFFSET 0x03FF0000 /* Window offset size */
#define SPORT_CNT_CLKCNT 0x0000FFFF /* Current state of clk div counter */
#define SPORT_CNT_FSDIVCNT 0xFFFF0000 /* Current state of frame div counter */
#define SPORT_ERR_DERRPMSK 0x00000001 /* Primary channel data error interrupt enable */
#define SPORT_ERR_DERRSMSK 0x00000002 /* Secondary channel data error interrupt enable */
#define SPORT_ERR_FSERRMSK 0x00000004 /* Frame sync error interrupt enable */
#define SPORT_ERR_DERRPSTAT 0x00000010 /* Primary channel data error status */
#define SPORT_ERR_DERRSSTAT 0x00000020 /* Secondary channel data error status */
#define SPORT_ERR_FSERRSTAT 0x00000040 /* Frame sync error status */
#define SPORT_MSTAT_CURCHAN 0x000003FF /* Channel which is being serviced in the multichannel operation */
#define SPORT_CTL2_FSMUXSEL 0x00000001 /* Frame Sync MUX Select */
#define SPORT_CTL2_CKMUXSEL 0x00000002 /* Clock MUX Select */
#define SPORT_CTL2_LBSEL 0x00000004 /* Loopback Select */
struct sport_register {
u32 spctl;
u32 div;
u32 spmctl;
u32 spcs0;
u32 spcs1;
u32 spcs2;
u32 spcs3;
u32 spcnt;
u32 sperrctl;
u32 spmstat;
u32 spctl2;
u32 txa;
u32 rxa;
u32 txb;
u32 rxb;
u32 revid;
struct bfin_snd_platform_data {
const unsigned short *pin_req;