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Pull RCU updates from Ingo Molnar:
 "This cycle's RCU changes were:

   - A few more RCU flavor consolidation cleanups.

   - Updates to RCU's list-traversal macros improving lockdep usability.

   - Forward-progress improvements for no-CBs CPUs: Avoid ignoring
     incoming callbacks during grace-period waits.

   - Forward-progress improvements for no-CBs CPUs: Use ->cblist
     structure to take advantage of others' grace periods.

   - Also added a small commit that avoids needlessly inflicting
     scheduler-clock ticks on callback-offloaded CPUs.

   - Forward-progress improvements for no-CBs CPUs: Reduce contention on
     ->nocb_lock guarding ->cblist.

   - Forward-progress improvements for no-CBs CPUs: Add ->nocb_bypass
     list to further reduce contention on ->nocb_lock guarding ->cblist.

   - Miscellaneous fixes.

   - Torture-test updates.

   - minor LKMM updates"

* 'core-rcu-for-linus' of git:// (86 commits)
  MAINTAINERS: Update from to
  rcu: Don't include <linux/ktime.h> in rcutiny.h
  rcu: Allow rcu_do_batch() to dynamically adjust batch sizes
  rcu/nocb: Don't wake no-CBs GP kthread if timer posted under overload
  rcu/nocb: Reduce __call_rcu_nocb_wake() leaf rcu_node ->lock contention
  rcu/nocb: Reduce nocb_cb_wait() leaf rcu_node ->lock contention
  rcu/nocb: Advance CBs after merge in rcutree_migrate_callbacks()
  rcu/nocb: Avoid synchronous wakeup in __call_rcu_nocb_wake()
  rcu/nocb: Print no-CBs diagnostics when rcutorture writer unduly delayed
  rcu/nocb: EXP Check use and usefulness of ->nocb_lock_contended
  rcu/nocb: Add bypass callback queueing
  rcu/nocb: Atomic ->len field in rcu_segcblist structure
  rcu/nocb: Unconditionally advance and wake for excessive CBs
  rcu/nocb: Reduce ->nocb_lock contention with separate ->nocb_gp_lock
  rcu/nocb: Reduce contention at no-CBs invocation-done time
  rcu/nocb: Reduce contention at no-CBs registry-time CB advancement
  rcu/nocb: Round down for number of no-CBs grace-period kthreads
  rcu/nocb: Avoid ->nocb_lock capture by corresponding CPU
  rcu/nocb: Avoid needless wakeups of no-CBs grace-period kthread
  rcu/nocb: Make __call_rcu_nocb_wake() safe for many callbacks