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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-2.0-or-later */
* File: drivers/video/omap/omapfb.h
* Framebuffer driver for TI OMAP boards
* Copyright (C) 2004 Nokia Corporation
* Author: Imre Deak <>
#ifndef __OMAPFB_H
#define __OMAPFB_H
#include <linux/fb.h>
#include <linux/mutex.h>
#include <linux/omapfb.h>
#define OMAP_LCDC_INV_VSYNC 0x0001
#define OMAP_LCDC_INV_HSYNC 0x0002
#define OMAP_LCDC_INV_PIX_CLOCK 0x0004
#define OMAP_LCDC_INV_OUTPUT_EN 0x0008
#define OMAP_LCDC_SIGNAL_MASK 0x003f
#define OMAP_LCDC_PANEL_TFT 0x0100
struct omapfb_device;
struct omapfb_mem_region {
u32 paddr;
void __iomem *vaddr;
unsigned long size;
u8 type; /* OMAPFB_PLANE_MEM_* */
enum omapfb_color_format format;/* OMAPFB_COLOR_* */
unsigned format_used:1; /* Must be set when format is set.
* Needed b/c of the badly chosen 0
* base for OMAPFB_COLOR_* values
unsigned alloc:1; /* allocated by the driver */
unsigned map:1; /* kernel mapped by the driver */
struct omapfb_mem_desc {
int region_cnt;
struct omapfb_mem_region region[OMAPFB_PLANE_NUM];
struct lcd_panel {
const char *name;
int config; /* TFT/STN, signal inversion */
int bpp; /* Pixel format in fb mem */
int data_lines; /* Lines on LCD HW interface */
int x_res, y_res;
int pixel_clock; /* In kHz */
int hsw; /* Horizontal synchronization
pulse width */
int hfp; /* Horizontal front porch */
int hbp; /* Horizontal back porch */
int vsw; /* Vertical synchronization
pulse width */
int vfp; /* Vertical front porch */
int vbp; /* Vertical back porch */
int acb; /* ac-bias pin frequency */
int pcd; /* pixel clock divider.
Obsolete use pixel_clock instead */
int (*init) (struct lcd_panel *panel,
struct omapfb_device *fbdev);
void (*cleanup) (struct lcd_panel *panel);
int (*enable) (struct lcd_panel *panel);
void (*disable) (struct lcd_panel *panel);
unsigned long (*get_caps) (struct lcd_panel *panel);
int (*set_bklight_level)(struct lcd_panel *panel,
unsigned int level);
unsigned int (*get_bklight_level)(struct lcd_panel *panel);
unsigned int (*get_bklight_max) (struct lcd_panel *panel);
int (*run_test) (struct lcd_panel *panel, int test_num);
struct extif_timings {
int cs_on_time;
int cs_off_time;
int we_on_time;
int we_off_time;
int re_on_time;
int re_off_time;
int we_cycle_time;
int re_cycle_time;
int cs_pulse_width;
int access_time;
int clk_div;
u32 tim[5]; /* set by extif->convert_timings */
int converted;
struct lcd_ctrl_extif {
int (*init) (struct omapfb_device *fbdev);
void (*cleanup) (void);
void (*get_clk_info) (u32 *clk_period, u32 *max_clk_div);
unsigned long (*get_max_tx_rate)(void);
int (*convert_timings) (struct extif_timings *timings);
void (*set_timings) (const struct extif_timings *timings);
void (*set_bits_per_cycle)(int bpc);
void (*write_command) (const void *buf, unsigned int len);
void (*read_data) (void *buf, unsigned int len);
void (*write_data) (const void *buf, unsigned int len);
void (*transfer_area) (int width, int height,
void (callback)(void *data), void *data);
int (*setup_tearsync) (unsigned pin_cnt,
unsigned hs_pulse_time, unsigned vs_pulse_time,
int hs_pol_inv, int vs_pol_inv, int div);
int (*enable_tearsync) (int enable, unsigned line);
unsigned long max_transmit_size;
struct omapfb_notifier_block {
struct notifier_block nb;
void *data;
int plane_idx;
typedef int (*omapfb_notifier_callback_t)(struct notifier_block *,
unsigned long event,
void *fbi);
struct lcd_ctrl {
const char *name;
void *data;
int (*init) (struct omapfb_device *fbdev,
int ext_mode,
struct omapfb_mem_desc *req_md);
void (*cleanup) (void);
void (*bind_client) (struct omapfb_notifier_block *nb);
void (*get_caps) (int plane, struct omapfb_caps *caps);
int (*set_update_mode)(enum omapfb_update_mode mode);
enum omapfb_update_mode (*get_update_mode)(void);
int (*setup_plane) (int plane, int channel_out,
unsigned long offset,
int screen_width,
int pos_x, int pos_y, int width,
int height, int color_mode);
int (*set_rotate) (int angle);
int (*setup_mem) (int plane, size_t size,
int mem_type, unsigned long *paddr);
int (*mmap) (struct fb_info *info,
struct vm_area_struct *vma);
int (*set_scale) (int plane,
int orig_width, int orig_height,
int out_width, int out_height);
int (*enable_plane) (int plane, int enable);
int (*update_window) (struct fb_info *fbi,
struct omapfb_update_window *win,
void (*callback)(void *),
void *callback_data);
void (*sync) (void);
void (*suspend) (void);
void (*resume) (void);
int (*run_test) (int test_num);
int (*setcolreg) (u_int regno, u16 red, u16 green,
u16 blue, u16 transp,
int update_hw_mem);
int (*set_color_key) (struct omapfb_color_key *ck);
int (*get_color_key) (struct omapfb_color_key *ck);
enum omapfb_state {
struct omapfb_plane_struct {
int idx;
struct omapfb_plane_info info;
enum omapfb_color_format color_mode;
struct omapfb_device *fbdev;
struct omapfb_device {
int state;
int ext_lcdc; /* Using external
LCD controller */
struct mutex rqueue_mutex;
int palette_size;
u32 pseudo_palette[17];
struct lcd_panel *panel; /* LCD panel */
const struct lcd_ctrl *ctrl; /* LCD controller */
const struct lcd_ctrl *int_ctrl; /* internal LCD ctrl */
struct lcd_ctrl_extif *ext_if; /* LCD ctrl external
interface */
struct device *dev;
struct fb_var_screeninfo new_var; /* for mode changes */
struct omapfb_mem_desc mem_desc;
struct fb_info *fb_info[OMAPFB_PLANE_NUM];
struct platform_device *dssdev; /* dummy dev for clocks */
extern struct lcd_ctrl omap1_lcd_ctrl;
extern void omapfb_register_panel(struct lcd_panel *panel);
extern void omapfb_write_first_pixel(struct omapfb_device *fbdev, u16 pixval);
extern void omapfb_notify_clients(struct omapfb_device *fbdev,
unsigned long event);
extern int omapfb_register_client(struct omapfb_notifier_block *nb,
omapfb_notifier_callback_t callback,
void *callback_data);
extern int omapfb_unregister_client(struct omapfb_notifier_block *nb);
extern int omapfb_update_window_async(struct fb_info *fbi,
struct omapfb_update_window *win,
void (*callback)(void *),
void *callback_data);
extern int hwa742_update_window_async(struct fb_info *fbi,
struct omapfb_update_window *win,
void (*callback)(void *),
void *callback_data);
#endif /* __OMAPFB_H */