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1. Add verbose output (e.g., what is being tested and how many tests cases are
2. Add flags to Makefile:
+ verbosity level
+ enable memblock_dbg() messages (i.e. pass "-D CONFIG_DEBUG_MEMORY_INIT"
3. Add tests trying to memblock_add() or memblock_reserve() 129th region.
This will trigger memblock_double_array(), make sure it succeeds.
*Important:* These tests require valid memory ranges, use dummy physical
memory block from common.c to implement them. It is also very
likely that the current MEM_SIZE won't be enough for these
test cases. Use realloc to adjust the size accordingly.
4. Add test cases using this functions (implement them for both directions):
+ memblock_alloc_raw()
+ memblock_alloc_exact_nid_raw()
+ memblock_alloc_try_nid_raw()
5. Add tests for memblock_alloc_node() to check if the correct NUMA node is set
for the new region