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The Linux Kernel documentation
This is the top level of the kernel's documentation tree. Kernel
documentation, like the kernel itself, is very much a work in progress;
that is especially true as we work to integrate our many scattered
documents into a coherent whole. Please note that improvements to the
documentation are welcome; join the linux-doc list at if
you want to help out.
Working with the development community
The essential guides for interacting with the kernel's development
community and getting your work upstream.
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Development process <process/development-process>
Submitting patches <process/submitting-patches>
Code of conduct <process/code-of-conduct>
Maintainer handbook <maintainer/index>
All development-process docs <process/index>
Internal API manuals
Manuals for use by developers working to interface with the rest of the
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Core API <core-api/index>
Driver APIs <driver-api/index>
Subsystems <subsystem-apis>
Locking <locking/index>
Development tools and processes
Various other manuals with useful information for all kernel developers.
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Licensing rules <process/license-rules>
Writing documentation <doc-guide/index>
Development tools <dev-tools/index>
Testing guide <dev-tools/testing-overview>
Hacking guide <kernel-hacking/index>
Tracing <trace/index>
Fault injection <fault-injection/index>
Livepatching <livepatch/index>
Rust <rust/index>
User-oriented documentation
The following manuals are written for *users* of the kernel those who are
trying to get it to work optimally on a given system and application
developers seeking information on the kernel's user-space APIs.
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Administration <admin-guide/index>
Build system <kbuild/index>
Reporting issues <admin-guide/reporting-issues.rst>
Userspace tools <tools/index>
Userspace API <userspace-api/index>
See also: the `Linux man pages <>`_,
which are kept separately from the kernel's own documentation.
Firmware-related documentation
The following holds information on the kernel's expectations regarding the
platform firmwares.
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Firmware <firmware-guide/index>
Firmware and Devicetree <devicetree/index>
Architecture-specific documentation
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CPU architectures <arch/index>
Other documentation
There are several unsorted documents that don't seem to fit on other parts
of the documentation body, or may require some adjustments and/or conversion
to reStructuredText format, or are simply too old.
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Unsorted documentation <staging/index>
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Translations <translations/index>
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