Merge branch 'akpm' (patches from Andrew)

Merge misc fixes from Andrew Morton:
 "14 patches.

  Subsystems affected by this patch series: mm (kasan, gup, pagecache,
  and kfence), MAINTAINERS, mailmap, nds32, gcov, ocfs2, ia64, and lib"

* emailed patches from Andrew Morton <>:
  lib: fix kconfig dependency on ARCH_WANT_FRAME_POINTERS
  kfence, x86: fix preemptible warning on KPTI-enabled systems
  lib/test_kasan_module.c: suppress unused var warning
  kasan: fix conflict with page poisoning
  fs: direct-io: fix missing sdio->boundary
  ia64: fix user_stack_pointer() for ptrace()
  ocfs2: fix deadlock between setattr and dio_end_io_write
  gcov: re-fix clang-11+ support
  nds32: flush_dcache_page: use page_mapping_file to avoid races with swapoff
  mm/gup: check page posion status for coredump.
  .mailmap: fix old email addresses
  mailmap: update email address for Jordan Crouse
  treewide: change my e-mail address, fix my name
  MAINTAINERS: update CZ.NIC's Turris information