Merge tag 'kvm-x86-guest_memfd_fixes-6.8' of into HEAD

KVM GUEST_MEMFD fixes for 6.8:

 - Make KVM_MEM_GUEST_MEMFD mutually exclusive with KVM_MEM_READONLY to
   avoid creating ABI that KVM can't sanely support.

 - Update documentation for KVM_SW_PROTECTED_VM to make it abundantly
   clear that such VMs are purely a development and testing vehicle, and
   come with zero guarantees.

 - Limit KVM_SW_PROTECTED_VM guests to the TDP MMU, as the long term plan
   is to support confidential VMs with deterministic private memory (SNP
   and TDX) only in the TDP MMU.

 - Fix a bug in a GUEST_MEMFD negative test that resulted in false passes
   when verifying that KVM_MEM_GUEST_MEMFD memslots can't be dirty logged.