Merge tag 'drm-fixes-2024-03-08' of

Pull drm fixes from Dave Airlie:
 "Regular fixes (two weeks for i915), scattered across drivers, amdgpu
  and i915 being the main ones, with nouveau having a couple of fixes.
  One patch got applied for udl, but reverted soon after as the
  maintainer has missed some crucial prior discussion.

  Seems quiet and normal enough for this stage.

   - update email address

   - fix polling in certain configurations

   - fix kunit test warning

   - boe-tv101wum-nl6: timing tuning fixes

   - Fix to extract HDCP information from primary connector
   - Check for NULL mmu_interval_notifier before removing
   - Fix for #10184: Kernel crash on UHD Graphics 730 (Cc stable)
   - Fix for #10284: Boot delay regresion with PSR
   - Fix DP connector DSC HW state readout
   - Selftest fix to convert msecs to jiffies

   - error path fix

   - SMU14 fix
   - Fix possible NULL pointer
   - VRR fix
   - pwm fix

   - fix deadlock in new ioctls fail path
   - fix missing locking around object rbtree

   - apply and revert format change"

* tag 'drm-fixes-2024-03-08' of (21 commits)
  nouveau: lock the client object tree.
  drm/tests/buddy: fix print format
  drm/xe: Return immediately on tile_init failure
  drm/amdgpu/pm: Fix the error of pwm1_enable setting
  drm/amd/display: handle range offsets in VRR ranges
  drm/amd/display: check dc_link before dereferencing
  drm/amd/swsmu: modify the gfx activity scaling
  Revert "drm/udl: Add ARGB8888 as a format"
  drm/i915/panelreplay: Move out psr_init_dpcd() from init_connector()
  drm/i915/dp: Fix connector DSC HW state readout
  drm/i915/selftests: Fix dependency of some timeouts on HZ
  drm/udl: Add ARGB8888 as a format
  drm/nouveau: fix stale locked mutex in nouveau_gem_ioctl_pushbuf
  drm/i915: Don't explode when the dig port we don't have an AUX CH
  MAINTAINERS: Update email address for Tvrtko Ursulin
  drm/panel: boe-tv101wum-nl6: Fine tune Himax83102-j02 panel HFP and HBP (again)
  drm: Fix output poll work for drm_kms_helper_poll=n
  drm/i915: Check before removing mm notifier
  drm/i915/hdcp: Extract hdcp structure from correct connector
  drm/i915/hdcp: Remove additional timing for reading mst hdcp message