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STMicroelectronics Co-Processor Bindings
This binding provides support for adjunct processors found on ST SoCs.
Co-processors can be controlled from the bootloader or the primary OS. If
the bootloader starts a co-processor, the primary OS must detect its state
and act accordingly.
Required properties:
- compatible Should be one of:
- memory-region Reserved memory (See: ../reserved-memory/reserved-memory.txt)
- resets Reset lines (See: ../reset/reset.txt)
- reset-names Must be "sw_reset" and "pwr_reset"
- clocks Clock for co-processor (See: ../clock/clock-bindings.txt)
- clock-frequency Clock frequency to set co-processor at if the bootloader
hasn't already done so
- st,syscfg System configuration register which holds the boot vector
for the co-processor
1st cell: Phandle to syscon block
2nd cell: Boot vector register offset
audio_reserved: rproc@42000000 {
compatible = "shared-dma-pool";
reg = <0x42000000 0x01000000>;
st231-audio {
compatible = "st,st231-rproc";
memory-region = <&audio_reserved>;
resets = <&softreset STIH407_ST231_AUD_SOFTRESET>;
reset-names = "sw_reset";
clocks = <&clk_s_c0_flexgen CLK_ST231_AUD_0>;
clock-frequency = <600000000>;
st,syscfg = <&syscfg_core 0x228>;