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* Device Tree Bindings for I2C based Trusted Platform Module(TPM)
Required properties:
- compatible : 'manufacturer,model', eg. nuvoton,npct650
- label : human readable string describing the device, eg. "tpm"
- linux,sml-base : 64-bit base address of the reserved memory allocated for
the firmware event log
- linux,sml-size : size of the memory allocated for the firmware event log
Optional properties:
- powered-while-suspended: present when the TPM is left powered on between
suspend and resume (makes the suspend/resume
callbacks do nothing).
Example (for OpenPower Systems with Nuvoton TPM 2.0 on I2C)
tpm@57 {
reg = <0x57>;
label = "tpm";
compatible = "nuvoton,npct650", "nuvoton,npct601";
linux,sml-base = <0x7f 0xfd450000>;
linux,sml-size = <0x10000>;