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Zodiac Inflight Innovations RAVE Supervisory Processor Watchdog Bindings
RAVE SP watchdog device is a "MFD cell" device corresponding to
watchdog functionality of RAVE Supervisory Processor. It is expected
that its Device Tree node is specified as a child of the node
corresponding to the parent RAVE SP device (as documented in
Required properties:
- compatible: Depending on wire protocol implemented by RAVE SP
firmware, should be one of:
- "zii,rave-sp-watchdog"
- "zii,rave-sp-watchdog-legacy"
Optional properties:
- wdt-timeout: Two byte nvmem cell specified as per
rave-sp {
compatible = "zii,rave-sp-rdu1";
current-speed = <38400>;
eeprom {
wdt_timeout: wdt-timeout@8E {
reg = <0x8E 2>;
watchdog {
compatible = "zii,rave-sp-watchdog";
nvmem-cells = <&wdt_timeout>;
nvmem-cell-names = "wdt-timeout";