Merge tag 'drm-msm-fixes-2023-05-17' of into drm-fixes

msm-fixes for v6.4-rc3

Display Fixes:

+ Catalog fixes:
 - fix the programmable fetch lines and qos settings of msm8998
   to match what is present downstream
 - fix the LM pairs for msm8998 to match what is present downstream.
   The current settings are not right as LMs with incompatible
   connected blocks are paired
 - remove unused INTF0 interrupt mask from SM6115/QCM2290 as there
   is no INTF0 present on those chipsets. There is only one DSI on
   index 1
 - remove TE2 block from relevant chipsets because this is mainly
   used for ping-pong split feature which is not supported upstream
   and also for the chipsets where we are removing them in this
   change, that block is not present as the tear check has been moved
   to the intf block
 - relocate non-MDP_TOP INTF_INTR offsets from dpu_hwio.h to
   dpu_hw_interrupts.c to match where they belong
 - fix the indentation for REV_7xxx interrupt masks
 - fix the offset and version for dither blocks of SM8[34]50/SC8280XP
   chipsets as it was incorrect
 - make the ping-pong blk length 0 for appropriate chipsets as those
   chipsets only have a dither ping-pong dither block but no other
   functionality in the base ping-pong
 - remove some duplicate register defines from INTF
+ Fix the log mask for the writeback block so that it can be enabled
  correctly via debugfs
+ unregister the hdmi codec for dp during unbind otherwise it leaks
  audio codec devices
+ Yaml change to fix warnings related to 'qcom,master-dsi' and

GPU Fixes:

+ fix submit error path leak
+ arm-smmu-qcom fix for regression that broke per-process page tables
+ fix no-iommu crash

Signed-off-by: Dave Airlie <>
From: Rob Clark <>

[ upstream commit: 83ab69c9f759e365cba243568cd76f8d49dcd5b5 ]
diff --git a/Bindings/display/msm/dsi-controller-main.yaml b/Bindings/display/msm/dsi-controller-main.yaml
index e6c1ebf..130e16d 100644
--- a/Bindings/display/msm/dsi-controller-main.yaml
+++ b/Bindings/display/msm/dsi-controller-main.yaml
@@ -82,6 +82,18 @@
       Indicates if the DSI controller is driving a panel which needs
       2 DSI links.
+  qcom,master-dsi:
+    type: boolean
+    description: |
+      Indicates if the DSI controller is the master DSI controller when
+      qcom,dual-dsi-mode enabled.
+  qcom,sync-dual-dsi:
+    type: boolean
+    description: |
+      Indicates if the DSI controller needs to sync the other DSI controller
+      with MIPI DCS commands when qcom,dual-dsi-mode enabled.
     minItems: 2
     maxItems: 4