Merge tag 'for-linus' of git://

Pull rdma qedr RoCE driver from Doug Ledford:
 "Early on in the merge window I mentioned I had a backlog of new
  drivers waiting to be reviewed and that, in addition to the hns-roce
  driver, I wanted to get possible a couple more reviewed. I ended up
  only having the time to complete one of the additional drivers.

  During Dave Miller's pull request this go around, there were a series
  of 9 patches to the QLogic qed net driver that add basic support for a
  paired RoCE driver. That support is currently not functional because
  it is missing the matching RoCE driver in the RDMA subsystem. I
  managed to finish that review. However, because it goes against part
  of Dave's net pull, and a part that was accepted a day or two after
  the merge window opened, to apply cleanly it has to be applied to
  either the tip of Dave's net branch, or as I did in this case, I just
  applied it to your master after you had taken Dave's pull request."

* tag 'for-linus' of git://
  qedr: Add events support and register IB device
  qedr: Add GSI support
  qedr: Add LL2 RoCE interface
  qedr: Add support for data path
  qedr: Add support for memory registeration verbs
  qedr: Add support for QP verbs
  qedr: Add support for PD,PKEY and CQ verbs
  qedr: Add support for user context verbs
  qedr: Add support for RoCE HW init
  qedr: Add RoCE driver framework