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/* keyutils.h: key utility library interface
* Copyright (C) 2005,2011 Red Hat, Inc. All Rights Reserved.
* Written by David Howells (
* This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License
* as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version
* 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.
#ifndef KEYUTILS_H
#define KEYUTILS_H
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <stdint.h>
extern const char keyutils_version_string[];
extern const char keyutils_build_string[];
/* key serial number */
typedef int32_t key_serial_t;
/* special process keyring shortcut IDs */
#define KEY_SPEC_THREAD_KEYRING -1 /* - key ID for thread-specific keyring */
#define KEY_SPEC_PROCESS_KEYRING -2 /* - key ID for process-specific keyring */
#define KEY_SPEC_SESSION_KEYRING -3 /* - key ID for session-specific keyring */
#define KEY_SPEC_USER_KEYRING -4 /* - key ID for UID-specific keyring */
#define KEY_SPEC_USER_SESSION_KEYRING -5 /* - key ID for UID-session keyring */
#define KEY_SPEC_GROUP_KEYRING -6 /* - key ID for GID-specific keyring */
#define KEY_SPEC_REQKEY_AUTH_KEY -7 /* - key ID for assumed request_key auth key */
/* request-key default keyrings */
/* key handle permissions mask */
typedef uint32_t key_perm_t;
#define KEY_POS_VIEW 0x01000000 /* possessor can view a key's attributes */
#define KEY_POS_READ 0x02000000 /* possessor can read key payload / view keyring */
#define KEY_POS_WRITE 0x04000000 /* possessor can update key payload / add link to keyring */
#define KEY_POS_SEARCH 0x08000000 /* possessor can find a key in search / search a keyring */
#define KEY_POS_LINK 0x10000000 /* possessor can create a link to a key/keyring */
#define KEY_POS_SETATTR 0x20000000 /* possessor can set key attributes */
#define KEY_POS_ALL 0x3f000000
#define KEY_USR_VIEW 0x00010000 /* user permissions... */
#define KEY_USR_READ 0x00020000
#define KEY_USR_WRITE 0x00040000
#define KEY_USR_SEARCH 0x00080000
#define KEY_USR_LINK 0x00100000
#define KEY_USR_SETATTR 0x00200000
#define KEY_USR_ALL 0x003f0000
#define KEY_GRP_VIEW 0x00000100 /* group permissions... */
#define KEY_GRP_READ 0x00000200
#define KEY_GRP_WRITE 0x00000400
#define KEY_GRP_SEARCH 0x00000800
#define KEY_GRP_LINK 0x00001000
#define KEY_GRP_SETATTR 0x00002000
#define KEY_GRP_ALL 0x00003f00
#define KEY_OTH_VIEW 0x00000001 /* third party permissions... */
#define KEY_OTH_READ 0x00000002
#define KEY_OTH_WRITE 0x00000004
#define KEY_OTH_SEARCH 0x00000008
#define KEY_OTH_LINK 0x00000010
#define KEY_OTH_SETATTR 0x00000020
#define KEY_OTH_ALL 0x0000003f
/* keyctl commands */
#define KEYCTL_GET_KEYRING_ID 0 /* ask for a keyring's ID */
#define KEYCTL_JOIN_SESSION_KEYRING 1 /* join or start named session keyring */
#define KEYCTL_UPDATE 2 /* update a key */
#define KEYCTL_REVOKE 3 /* revoke a key */
#define KEYCTL_CHOWN 4 /* set ownership of a key */
#define KEYCTL_SETPERM 5 /* set perms on a key */
#define KEYCTL_DESCRIBE 6 /* describe a key */
#define KEYCTL_CLEAR 7 /* clear contents of a keyring */
#define KEYCTL_LINK 8 /* link a key into a keyring */
#define KEYCTL_UNLINK 9 /* unlink a key from a keyring */
#define KEYCTL_SEARCH 10 /* search for a key in a keyring */
#define KEYCTL_READ 11 /* read a key or keyring's contents */
#define KEYCTL_INSTANTIATE 12 /* instantiate a partially constructed key */
#define KEYCTL_NEGATE 13 /* negate a partially constructed key */
#define KEYCTL_SET_REQKEY_KEYRING 14 /* set default request-key keyring */
#define KEYCTL_SET_TIMEOUT 15 /* set timeout on a key */
#define KEYCTL_ASSUME_AUTHORITY 16 /* assume authority to instantiate key */
#define KEYCTL_GET_SECURITY 17 /* get key security label */
#define KEYCTL_SESSION_TO_PARENT 18 /* set my session keyring on my parent process */
#define KEYCTL_REJECT 19 /* reject a partially constructed key */
#define KEYCTL_INSTANTIATE_IOV 20 /* instantiate a partially constructed key */
#define KEYCTL_INVALIDATE 21 /* invalidate a key */
#define KEYCTL_GET_PERSISTENT 22 /* get a user's persistent keyring */
#define KEYCTL_DH_COMPUTE 23 /* Compute Diffie-Hellman values */
#define KEYCTL_PKEY_QUERY 24 /* Query public key parameters */
#define KEYCTL_PKEY_ENCRYPT 25 /* Encrypt a blob using a public key */
#define KEYCTL_PKEY_DECRYPT 26 /* Decrypt a blob using a public key */
#define KEYCTL_PKEY_SIGN 27 /* Create a public key signature */
#define KEYCTL_PKEY_VERIFY 28 /* Verify a public key signature */
#define KEYCTL_RESTRICT_KEYRING 29 /* Restrict keys allowed to link to a keyring */
#define KEYCTL_MOVE 30 /* Move keys between keyrings */
#define KEYCTL_CAPABILITIES 31 /* Find capabilities of keyrings subsystem */
/* keyctl structures */
struct keyctl_dh_params {
key_serial_t priv;
key_serial_t prime;
key_serial_t base;
struct keyctl_kdf_params {
char *hashname;
char *otherinfo;
uint32_t otherinfolen;
uint32_t __spare[8];
struct keyctl_pkey_query {
unsigned int supported_ops; /* Which ops are supported */
unsigned int key_size; /* Size of the key in bits */
unsigned short max_data_size; /* Maximum size of raw data to sign in bytes */
unsigned short max_sig_size; /* Maximum size of signature in bytes */
unsigned short max_enc_size; /* Maximum size of encrypted blob in bytes */
unsigned short max_dec_size; /* Maximum size of decrypted blob in bytes */
unsigned int __spare[10];
struct keyctl_pkey_params {
key_serial_t key_id; /* Serial no. of public key to use */
unsigned int in_len; /* Input data size */
union {
unsigned int out_len; /* Output buffer size (encrypt/decrypt/sign) */
unsigned int in2_len; /* Second input data size (verify) */
unsigned int __spare[7];
#define KEYCTL_MOVE_EXCL 0x00000001 /* Do not displace from the to-keyring */
* Capabilities flags. The capabilities list is an array of 8-bit integers;
* each integer can carry up to 8 flags.
#define KEYCTL_CAPS0_PERSISTENT_KEYRINGS 0x02 /* Persistent keyrings enabled */
#define KEYCTL_CAPS0_DIFFIE_HELLMAN 0x04 /* Diffie-Hellman ops enabled */
#define KEYCTL_CAPS0_PUBLIC_KEY 0x08 /* Public key ops enabled */
#define KEYCTL_CAPS0_BIG_KEY 0x10 /* big_key-type enabled */
#define KEYCTL_CAPS0_MOVE 0x80 /* KEYCTL_MOVE supported */
* syscall wrappers
extern key_serial_t add_key(const char *type,
const char *description,
const void *payload,
size_t plen,
key_serial_t ringid);
extern key_serial_t request_key(const char *type,
const char *description,
const char *callout_info,
key_serial_t destringid);
extern long keyctl(int cmd, ...);
* keyctl function wrappers
extern key_serial_t keyctl_get_keyring_ID(key_serial_t id, int create);
extern key_serial_t keyctl_join_session_keyring(const char *name);
extern long keyctl_update(key_serial_t id, const void *payload, size_t plen);
extern long keyctl_revoke(key_serial_t id);
extern long keyctl_chown(key_serial_t id, uid_t uid, gid_t gid);
extern long keyctl_setperm(key_serial_t id, key_perm_t perm);
extern long keyctl_describe(key_serial_t id, char *buffer, size_t buflen);
extern long keyctl_clear(key_serial_t ringid);
extern long keyctl_link(key_serial_t id, key_serial_t ringid);
extern long keyctl_unlink(key_serial_t id, key_serial_t ringid);
extern long keyctl_search(key_serial_t ringid,
const char *type,
const char *description,
key_serial_t destringid);
extern long keyctl_read(key_serial_t id, char *buffer, size_t buflen);
extern long keyctl_instantiate(key_serial_t id,
const void *payload,
size_t plen,
key_serial_t ringid);
extern long keyctl_negate(key_serial_t id, unsigned timeout, key_serial_t ringid);
extern long keyctl_set_reqkey_keyring(int reqkey_defl);
extern long keyctl_set_timeout(key_serial_t key, unsigned timeout);
extern long keyctl_assume_authority(key_serial_t key);
extern long keyctl_get_security(key_serial_t key, char *buffer, size_t buflen);
extern long keyctl_session_to_parent(void);
extern long keyctl_reject(key_serial_t id, unsigned timeout, unsigned error,
key_serial_t ringid);
struct iovec;
extern long keyctl_instantiate_iov(key_serial_t id,
const struct iovec *payload_iov,
unsigned ioc,
key_serial_t ringid);
extern long keyctl_invalidate(key_serial_t id);
extern long keyctl_get_persistent(uid_t uid, key_serial_t id);
extern long keyctl_dh_compute(key_serial_t priv, key_serial_t prime,
key_serial_t base, char *buffer, size_t buflen);
extern long keyctl_dh_compute_kdf(key_serial_t private, key_serial_t prime,
key_serial_t base, char *hashname,
char *otherinfo, size_t otherinfolen,
char *buffer, size_t buflen);
extern long keyctl_restrict_keyring(key_serial_t keyring, const char *type,
const char *restriction);
extern long keyctl_pkey_query(key_serial_t key_id,
const char *info,
struct keyctl_pkey_query *result);
extern long keyctl_pkey_encrypt(key_serial_t key_id,
const char *info,
const void *data, size_t data_len,
void *enc, size_t enc_len);
extern long keyctl_pkey_decrypt(key_serial_t key_id,
const char *info,
const void *enc, size_t enc_len,
void *data, size_t data_len);
extern long keyctl_pkey_sign(key_serial_t key_id,
const char *info,
const void *data, size_t data_len,
void *sig, size_t sig_len);
extern long keyctl_pkey_verify(key_serial_t key_id,
const char *info,
const void *data, size_t data_len,
const void *sig, size_t sig_len);
extern long keyctl_move(key_serial_t id,
key_serial_t from_ringid,
key_serial_t to_ringid,
unsigned int flags);
extern long keyctl_capabilities(unsigned char *buffer, size_t buflen);
* utilities
extern int keyctl_describe_alloc(key_serial_t id, char **_buffer);
extern int keyctl_read_alloc(key_serial_t id, void **_buffer);
extern int keyctl_get_security_alloc(key_serial_t id, char **_buffer);
extern int keyctl_dh_compute_alloc(key_serial_t priv, key_serial_t prime,
key_serial_t base, void **_buffer);
typedef int (*recursive_key_scanner_t)(key_serial_t parent, key_serial_t key,
char *desc, int desc_len, void *data);
extern int recursive_key_scan(key_serial_t key, recursive_key_scanner_t func, void *data);
extern int recursive_session_key_scan(recursive_key_scanner_t func, void *data);
extern key_serial_t find_key_by_type_and_desc(const char *type, const char *desc,
key_serial_t destringid);
#endif /* KEYUTILS_H */